Consulting solutions that enable your business to analyze and solve urgent problems, bridge a short-term skills gap, or successfully create a new program, product, or service.


Wynkoop CTC Associates understands non-profits.  We offer services that respect your role as steward of both a mission and precious, limited resources.


  • Grant Analysis and Writing

  • Contract Clinical Supervision

  • Program Design

  • Interviewing/Hiring Support

  • Employee Training



We can help you hire and assess your team so that you know you have the best people possible and we provide training to further develop their skills.

  • Interviewing and assessing of candidates for hiring and promotion

  • Position design and employee evaluation services

  • Training for teams of all types and sizes



You're already an expert on what you do and why you do it--it's our job to help you with the how so that you are assured of maximum sustainable success.

  • Efficiency analysis

  • Process mapping and design

  • Departmental reorganization

  • Transition and succession planning


Wynkoop CTC Associates is dedicated to the realization of human potential by helping people and teams distill their values into the beliefs, thoughts, and words that lead to successful actions, positive habits, and meaningful, healthy relationships. Businesses are systems that rely upon healthy people and groups to produce quality outcomes.  We grow your ability to succeed by assessing the productivity of your staff and designing solutions that increase skills, improve relationships, and produce results.  Effective consulting solutions are individualized to the client and the situation.  Consultants are committed to thorough assessment, transparent business practices, responsibility for results, and outstanding service. 

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