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Training and Professional Development

Training is more than an event or conveying some new information: Training is about the ongoing professional and personal development of individuals and teams. Wynkoop CTC has a training menu that includes leadership topics, training for clinicians, and skill development for individual professionals. 
In a Meeting

Effective Communication: Communication is essential to success and poor communication is the cause of many workplace challenges. Learn the skills of assertive communication and identify ways to integrate best-practice strategies into your team.

Leading with Empathy: The need to understand the perspectives of others and effectively relate to people in a multi-generational workplace has never been more critical. Empathy is the master key to unlocking the potential of your teams because it bridges gaps, generates a positive culture, increases engagement, and improves retention of top-performing staff. 

The Mastery Mindset: A growth mindset is foundational to success because it helps us to focus on developing our skills and abilities. A mastery mindset takes this concept a step further: focusing our energy on growing the skills that matter most. This session helps create a vision and a plan for using the complementary skills of team members to achieve more.

Clinical Trainings

Support the professional growth of your team with these two-hour focused clinical skill programs. Trainings will be tailored to meet the goals or particular needs of your clinical team.

Reassessing Assessment: Ongoing evaluation of progress happens best in collaboration with our clients. Making the most of the first session--and every one thereafter--to understand the client, recognize strengths, and acknowledge growth leads to more meaningful connection and more sustainable success.  We'll look at ways to break the cycle of crisis management and stay focused on growth over time.

The Resilient Therapist:  Our work is challenging and rewarding if we are able to stay balanced and engaged.  Our clients depend on us to be fully present and at our best each session and our family and friends (not to mention ourselves) deserve to be in relationship with someone who is healthy and happy.  We will explore the individual attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that contribute to wellness for mental health professionals and how to create a professional culture supports balance and success.

Effective Supervision:  Beyond the legal and ethical responsibilities that come with being a supervisor, there is a commitment to promote the professional growth of other clinicians.  We will discuss the use of support and accountability in the supervisory relationship and explore the challenges and tensions that accompany working with interns and less experienced therapists.

Skills for Individual Success


High performers are good investments. Training and professional coaching can accelerate professional growth and lead to retention and even promotion. Meet with a leadership coach for individualized, time-limited work on areas including


  • Assertive Communication

  • Emotional Mastery

  • Focus for Success

  • Being the Boss  (aka "I've just been what?")

Individual coaching and skill work can be in-person or virtual

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