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Consulting & Training

Person-focused Professional Development




Successful organizations are dynamic and aspirational.  When efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity need to be assured instead of assumed, we provide analyses of current processes and identify solutions.



Training is about the ongoing professional and personal development of individuals and teams.  It is imperative to meeting current demands and an investment in the future success of any business.




Resilience is essential in today's world.  Coaching and therapy increase awareness of strengths and identify the critical skills necessary for ongoing success and a life of satisfaction.  Clinical consultation and supervision support therapists and coaches committed to success.

Jason Wynkoop therapy therapist mount prospect therapist arlington heights barrington chicago

Wynkoop CTC Associates is dedicated to the realization of human potential by helping people and teams distill their values into the beliefs, thoughts, and words that lead to successful actions, positive habits, and meaningful, healthy relationships.

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