Whether building on strengths, coping with difficulty, or looking for support through a challenging transition, our clinical services are personalized to help you gain the awareness, skills, and resilience to grow through any experience.  We specialize in working with adults, college students, and children and adolescents as young as ten.



Therapy can help you address relationship issues, struggles related to grief and loss or transition, mood-related problems like anxiety or depression, difficulty coping with a stressor or feeling overwhelmed, past or current experience with trauma, and other life challenges.  Clinical services at Wynkoop CTC can be described as cognitive-behavioral, trauma-informed, and solution-focused.  We complete a thorough assessment and help you formulate goals and a realistic plan for growth.


Individual, couples, and family therapy sessions are $165/session.  Active military personnel, veterans, and members of their households qualify for a discounted rate.



Strength-based and action-orientated, coaching gleans insight from current performance and past success to improve athletic, personal, or professional outcomes.  Coaching is frequently short-term and periodic in nature and uses experiential techniques (actual practice with skills) so that in-session progress can be easily transferred to real-world situations.  This is the perfect approach for anyone seeking optimum performance in a specific life domain.


Coaching involves an initial session during which a plan is created and a recommended number of sessions is agreed.  Sessions are $165 and coaching packages are available in five-session bundles for $700. In addition to the in-person sessions, coaching packages include phone sessions between meetings.

College Success


The transition from high school to college can overwhelm even the highest achiever because it calls for skills that may not have been required for previous success.  Create a plan based on your values to successfully overcome the obstacles often associated with moving to the next level.


Planning for College Success is a six-session program that includes four individual sessions and two small group sessions.  It is led by Jason Wynkoop, LCSW, who led the program development and implementation of an exclusive college transition program. The cost of the program is $500 and a limited number of reduced-fee slots are available for graduating high school seniors who have secured admission to college and meet criteria for financial need. 


Clinical Supervision


Clinical supervision and consultation services are provided by Jason Wynkoop, LCSW.  He has supervised therapists and interns for more than a decade in individual and group supervision settings.  Supervision is a partnership that results in valuable insights and encourages clinicians to internalize the thinking process, ethics, and perspective-taking critical to clinician and, ultimately, client success.  Consultation is an opportunity to gain a valuable perspective when the therapist is stuck or when presented with a particular ethical or clinical question.


Consultation services are available at a rate of $75 for a thirty-minute single-case review.  Please e-mail Jason to explore supervision rates or discounted therapy rates for clinicians.